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Benefits that companies can attain from short code service

Bulk SMS marketing is the new mantra most small and medium sized companies follow to reach their target audience in a cost-effective and convenient way. There are several benefits of SMS marketing. First and foremost, it helps to bring down marketing costs of your company. It is also hassle-free to implement and you do not have to spend separately to successfully implement a bulk SMS marketing plan. Short code service is also quite popular most companies. Short code service is use in SMS voting mostly seen in reality shows and other opinion polls conducted by regional news channels.


Short code 58888 is quite popular and is short code 56161. There are various SMS short code providers in the market. A typical SMS short code provider will essentially provide you with an ultra short code which is not just easy to remember for your clients but also remains unique to use. Mobile marketing can be best implemented through short code service. Short code service is found to be hugely beneficial in various fields. It is commonly used in mass marketing, SMS voting, customer complaints, events, opinion polls, mass booking, live chatting and so on. Most of the short codes comprise of five digits. However, there are some exceptions where companies can opt for shorter or longer codes to suit their requirements.


 The two major advantages of short code service is wider-popular trade equity and convenient incessant messaging service. This service has not yet been exhausted to its true potential and if implemented, it can go a long way in strengthening client-customer relationship. This service is cost efficient and does not charge you separately for SMS application or general receipt. However, the charges may be slightly higher if you opt to have dedicated short codes. You need to verify the availability of the short code that you are planning to acquire to avoid overlaps.

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